Welcome to my website.  I have a passion for all things holistic.  Having come through a period of depression in the late 90s, I turned to holistic healthcare when the conventional approaches couldn’t offer me anything that I felt would actually help me.  This has turned into a mammoth journey of self-discovery and personal development as well as opening up a whole new subject I never knew existed and which I have been steadily lapping up ever since.

I’ve been practising as a Kinesiologist since I qualified in 2006 and love seeing the difference it makes to the lives of my clients.  Through my kinesiology training, I also discovered Face Reading.  More recently I have developed a decluttering service. Please also visit my sister site Naked Beauty for natural skincare products. I currently work from the Wellbeing Centre in Newbury and Herongate Leisure Centre in Hungerford for the therapy services and from client’s premises for the de-cluttering service.

Please phone me on 01488 685378 or email me for a free, confidential chat to see whether you would like my help. love & light Ros xx


Kinesiology is an amazing therapy which uses a tool called muscle testing to tap into your body’s memory of everything that has ever happened to you.  Through this tool, Ros can help you to be rid of any negative emotions, lurking from events in your past, which didn’t leave you singing with joy, and which are still negatively affecting you in the present.

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Face Reading

The physical traits we show in our faces and hands can be read and translated into behaviour patterns.  Reading this can give us insight into why we are the way we are and how we can make the most of our potential.  Ros can do you an individual reading or a couples reading where the relationship of the traits can also be explored.

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There is often a link between emotional and physical baggage.  If we feel unable to let go, then we can find ourselves hoarding and our homes become overly cluttered to the point where we can’t function.   Often we find it impossible to clear the clutter as when we do, it brings up unpleasant emotions, so it can be helpful to have support for this process.

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