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I’ve been practising as a Kinesiologist since I qualified in 2006 and love seeing the difference it makes to the lives of my clients.  Find out how kinesiology can help you.

Face Reading was a module in my kinesiology training, which I loved so much, I went on to do further training in the subject.  The structure of our face is linked to our genetic personality traits.  Understanding this can help us make the most of our strengths and our interactions with others.

Through my work with kinesiology and my own journey, I began to notice how our physical clutter often reflects our personal emotional clutter so I have developed a decluttering service to help people take back control of their space.

I currently work from the Wellbeing Centre in Newbury and Herongate Leisure Centre in Hungerford for the therapy services and from client’s premises for the de-cluttering service.

Please phone me on 01488 608659 or email me for a free, confidential chat to see whether you would like my help.

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If you feel you identify with any of the things you've read and think I might be able to help, please contact me for a FREE 15 min phone consultation. Call 01488 685378.

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