Face Reading


“The study of innate behavioural response, determined by our parents’ genetic contribution to our structure.”

So what does this actually mean?

Val Stamp turquoise with lines no backgroundFirstly it is the influence of our genetics on our behaviour as read through our physical structure.

This is obviously never the whole picture; our behaviour is also influenced by our life experiences and the choices we make
Face Reading is always relative; it denotes how a person will behave in relation to another person.  So if 2 people have a similar structure trait then, when together, the one with the lesser amount of it will appear to have none of it, and the other one will appear to have the behaviour to a greater extent.

It’s also important to note that choice always overrides structure, so if we don’t like a behaviour associated with a trait, we are always able to choose to behave differently.

There is no right or wrong with Face Reading.  One version of a trait is no better or worse than the opposite version.  We are all individuals with different personalities and behaviour patterns.
Every trait which comes from a particular structure is a strength, an ability and anadvantage.

 Where did it come from?

The origins come from early Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Oriental cultures, who accepted that human structure was important in understanding human behaviour.  The crusaders brought the information to Europe where the idea flourished into popular culture and even university courses.

However various influences such as religion, science and psychology caused it to be discredited or overlooked until the 1930s when Face Reading in its present form was created in California.  During the 1950s, a large amount of statistical research was done, confirming that it is over 90% accurate . By the 1960s it had become accepted across the USA and is now filtering back to Europe.

So what’s the point of it?

Well, it can greatly help us to understand ourselves.  This, in turn, can help us to makebetter choices in our lives as we align with our true personality; for example picking a suitable career, finding a compatible partner, and becoming more accepting of ourselves.
It can help us to work with our skills and talents rather than fighting against them based on another person’s definition of what is “normal”.

It can also help us to understand other people and learn to accept them for who they are without trying to change them.  It can help our relationships in all areas our lives, whether they are of a personal or business nature, as we learn the impact of our behaviour on one another.


Readings can be done in person or by post/email.

In person: please book a session on 01488 685378 or roskitson@googlemail.com  Sessions are available at the Wellbeing Centre, Newbury or Herongate Leisure, Hungerford. Sessions cost £60 (cash or cheque only).  If you wish to have a record of the session, this can be recorded and sent to you on CD free of charge.

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