Why am I unwell?

Happy Woman in MeadowYours may include sleeplessness, lack of energy, headaches and frustration.Many ailments are caused by stress. The roots of this stress can be known to us, or buried deep in our forgotten experience. If this stress remains untreated it can come through as physical symptoms. In general, you may feel that you can’t cope.

Could Kinesiology be right for me?

Kinesiology works for many people. It starts with a discussion about your situation, identifying the causes of stress in your life, some of which might be hidden from you. Quite quickly, a practitioner can recommend a course of action which will dispel a deep rooted cause of stress, put your life back in balance, and make sure that the symptoms of being unwell have their cause removed. This results in an ongoing and sustainable sense of well being, and freedom from stress related illness. Why not complete this short questionnaire for a free initial assessment on whether Kinesiology can help you on the path to wellbeing?

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Tell me more about Kinesiology

3 in 1 Concepts Kinesiology is a deep but gentle holistic therapy, combining western techniques with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. It defuses the negative emotional stress around an issue. Its distinguishing tool is muscle testing; a method of tapping into the body’s knowledge to identify the underlying causes of health problems, and to guide the therapeutic process. If you would like to discuss Kinesiology with a practitioner, please arrange a one hour session to determine the causes of stress and ill health in your case, as well as to develop applied ways forward. You can explore the issues troubling you and undertake therapeutic work, guided by muscle testing, that is most effective for you. Muscle testing guided work includes bringing awareness to the client, finding priority corrections to help diffuse stress, and an age recession where the root cause of the stress can be identified and cleared. Most of the session will take place seated, although some work requires standing or lying on a treatment couch. The treatment will allow for restrictions on mobility, and you will be fully clothed throughout. Clients are encouraged to attend at least three sessions, for the therapy to integrate into the mind, body, and deeper emotional levels. Each session lasts one hour and costs £60 (cash or cheque only).

To read more about kinesiology, please read my article What is Kinesiology.

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