Love, Not Fear

by Ros Kitson

11 09, 2016 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Love Not FearI started  writing this blog after the UK referendum back in June, where the result was very close – just over half the people who voted, chose the option to leave the EU.  The initial response to the result was shock by much of the country, followed by anger towards the people who voted differently from themselves.

What saddened me then is that our country seemed to have become so divided over the lead up to the referendum.  There was so much anger on both sides against those who had a different opinion.

Now 4 months later, that anger is still present.  We’ve had major division within one of our main political parties over its leadership and now a high court case questioning the legalities of invoking Article 50 which starts the process of leaving the EU.

I watch this process  with interest because our country has never gone through this sort of upheaval in my lifetime.  But I don’t like the negative traits that have come about, seemingly as a result of these events.

The result seems to have been a license for some people to release hate and loathing onto various sectors of the population.  These people have decided the result gives them permission to verbally or even physically abuse people from a different diversity.

When you hate someone, there is always some kind of fear attached.  In fact most prejudices have a fear at their root.  The fear that someone else will take their jobs.  The fear that someone else’s beliefs will rub off on those nearest to us.  If we believed in abundance, we would have no need for those fears, but unfortunately few of us do.

Yesterday, the USA voted in their election; an event of interest to much of the world and, once again, the result has shocked and devastated many people.

My initial reaction was one of fear. However, fairly quickly I questioned myself about what I was doing.  How is holding on to extreme fear going to help the world.  There is nothing I can do to change the result.  I’m not even American.  The best thing I can do is call on a higher power to spread love around the world.

Love is an energy.  It’s what we feel when we’re completely at peace in the world.  It’s a state we often go into while we are meditating.  It’s very much a grounded state of being in the present.

Fear is the opposite.  It’s a “what if” which projects us into the future.  It’s overthinking about a situation and often wanting to find someone to blame.  Much campaigning in both elections was based around fear and negativity and it’s a destructive way of going about these things.

Love and fear cannot exist at the same time.  Try it and see. You might flip from one to the other, but you can’t feel both at the same moment.  The other thing that’s useful to note is that you can choose which state you want to be in.

You can choose to focus on the terrible events which might occur as a result of the voting.  Or you could choose to feel love and compassion for your fellow human.  You can choose to blame particular people for the result or you can choose to find common ground which will unite all people together.

And most importantly, we can question what our fear is and try to let it go if we can’t actually do anything to change the situation right now.

What I hope for now is that we can reunite both countries.  Let’s turn to our neighbours, whatever their diversity and whichever way they voted and reconnect with love.

Please don’t judge people for how they voted.  Some will have had very well thought out reasons; some will be knee-jerk reactions – on both sides.

And please don’t spend endless time trying to second guess what will or won’t happen in the future.  None of us actually knows, despite what prophecies or experts may say.

Fear projects us into one possible future and we make judgements.  If enough of us refuse to connect with fear, we will make a positive difference.  If we aim to bring people together rather than dividing further, we can reunite the world and bring the peace we want.

Let’s spread the love and make the world a better place.



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  1. Great article Ros. We’ve got to stop making our decisions based on fear & start making them based on love. I first started really understanding that in my hypnobirthing classes but it applies to every aspect of our lives 🙂

    • Ros Kitson says:

      Yes indeed. Thank you for your comment. xx

  2. Sheila Bond says:

    Wow Ros, what lovely and profound writing. You should be president!

    • Ros Kitson says:

      Very kind, but i don’t think I’d be very good at at all the politics of being president. xx

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