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The Law of Attraction

by Ros Kitson

03 27, 2008 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a fantastic workshop on the Law of Attraction at the Wellbeing Centre in Newbury. Run by Sally Askwith, this workshop teaches how to attract all the things we want into our lives, based on the universal laws of like attracts like. It was a great fun filled day and Sally even provides a box of goodies - great for bringing out the child in us all. Without going into too many details, the workshop has taught me how to be positive all the time - yes ALL the time - this part is really important. And then good things just attract themselves to us. Apart from just having a much better time than I usually do, I had a great success with a game of Monopoly the other day. The money just kept on rolling in, whilst all the other players seemed to be struggling to keep in credit. I'm now rolling out the principle into real money and other goals. One of which is a new house. My contract where I'm currently living is being terminated by the owners and I'm on the look out to rent a small rural cottage in West Berkshire as of the end of April. Please email me if you find any such cottages available. Many thanks.

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Success with the food plan

by Ros Kitson

03 07, 2008 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I'm now well into this new eating plan and I'm really feeling the benefits. I am much more stable emotionally and more resilient to set-backs. My energy levels stay at a useful level enabling me to get things done and I'm actually enjoying life much more. Although I'm still eating the odd bar of chocolate (haven't reached that stage yet), I am also finding that I also have times when I just don't want it and have refused the offer of chocolate on several occasions without feeling I've somehow deprived myself. This is a new experience for me having been a self-confessed chocoholic for years. I'm extremely impressed with how simple this process has been and really believe that a greater education on nutrition is needed in today's society. A lot of this information is still "new" but hopefully in the future this kind of stuff will be taught in schools.

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