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Clearing Out the Blocks

by Ros Kitson

03 18, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I'm often asked how exactly we clear our blocks and how long it will take.  Recently I used the analogy of clearing out a cupboard to explain this, so I thought I'd reproduce it here.
You know how it is, over time we accumulate possessions that we don't know what to do with.  We have people coming round and need to clear up, so it gets put away in the cupboard (substitute drawer, box, etc). Gradually this cupboard fills up so that we can no longer fit anything in to it.  And when we do open it, things fall out and have to be shoved back in.  So after a while we don't open it unless we have to.
So it is with our emotional clutter.  Often we can't process an event when it happens. We are either just too young and so we're going to be more sensitive to external influences, or the event was to sudden and unexpected to be able to get our heads round it.  Either way, most of us have had may of these such experiences throughout our lives. Add to that growing up in a culture of pretending we're OK and a lack of information and support on how to process traumatic experiences and the emotional clutter piles up.
Then comes the moment when we want to take control of our lives; the time that we have to start de-cluttering the emotional cupboard.  So how do we do it?
Well, as in de-cluttering our physical cupboards, everyone does it in a slightly different way. Some people will assume that as they haven't looked in the cupboard for several years, there can't be anything that they need in there. So they hire a skip and out it all goes.  But for many of us, (me included) we can't just throw away things without going through them first.  I know that I have to check every individual item before I can throw it away because there might be a little gem that I'll want to keep.  Often I can't throw something away one week, but a few weeks on and I'm suddenly able to let it go.  I can have days when I clear out bags of stuff and other days when despite my best intentions, there doesn't seem to be anything I'm able to let go.
So it is with our emotional clutter. Some of us will clear it quickly, others will clear it gradually.  There is no way someone else can force us to let go of our blocks, we have to be ready ourselves to do this.  A friend told me yesterday that he was building up to booking an appointment with a therapist - that was just the way he worked.  I totally understand this.
The beauty of kinesiology is that the way we clear our blocks is determined by the muscle testing process, which is tapping into the energy of the client. The session will only move as quickly as the client is able to cope with.  Therefore the client can be assured that I'm not going to come along and throw away their entire contents of their emotional cupboard without their permission.  
Now you may think that doing just that would be a good thing, and on a conscious level, I'm sure many of my clients would be quite happy for that to happen.  But on a subconscious level, what happens is that it triggers the blocked emotions and we feel huge amounts of fear or stress.  The way of kinesiology is to do the work gently in cooperation with the client.
So now you know this, hopefully you'll understand why I can't give a detailed prediction of how long it will take a particular person to clear their blocks. But also, maybe it'll encourage you to open the door on your own emotional cupboard and start letting the contents go.

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New Year

by Ros Kitson

01 09, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 comments

Wow, I  just looked at my last post at the end of September - on the importance of rest and it seems I've had over 3 months off. Well it was a lovely rest, but now back to work! It's the new year - no surprise there. We get one every year and it's usually full of great new intentions on how to set our lives in the direction we'd like them to take. I've noticed that for the last 2 new years, I've had an overwhelming urge to de-clutter.  To get rid of the old; things that are no longer needed in my life.  To be honest, I have a slight obsession with decluttering.  This is not to say that I live in minimalist bliss.  Oh no!  I have lots of possessions.  But maybe that's why I'm always so keen to get rid of the stuff I don't need. And also, there's the amazing feeling I get when I prise a bag of unwanted items from my drawers and cupboards.  It feels like relief, freedom, a lightness. I feel excited, like it's the start of a new phase of my life. If I could do this every day, I would, but unfortunately life doesn't work like that.  I find that I know the right time for me to de-clutter. I get drawn to it and off I go.  The rest of the time I have to live my life. And does it change my life?  Well, not in a dramatic way, but definitely things change each time this happens.  Maybe my attitude changes, or maybe it triggers me to look at some area of my life or a belief system which is no longer serving me.  I often find that it's an easy way to kick start a change that I know needs to happen, but I can't quite put my finger on the details. So if you're feeling like a new start, but aren't sure how or where, open a cupboard and start de-cluttering.

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