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The Shame of Emotional Illness

by Ros Kitson

04 08, 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Shame of Emotional IllnessEmotional illness is a complex subject. The first being that it is often quite difficult to define.  When does moodiness become more of a condition?  Is it always so? Emotional illness is just as real as physical illness and there is the same degree of variation in the severity.  In the same way as a cold is very different from cancer, so there are different levels in our emotional health too. But for some reason it is perfectly socially acceptable to have the flu or a migraine but often not to be paralysed by low emotions.  Yet this can happen just as easily. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations which we can't deal with immediately.  They can shock our systems, and make us angry or upset.  We actually need time to process them so it's not realistic to expect them to become resolved overnight.  In some cases we can do this alongside other activities, but sometimes they can floor us to such an extent that we need to take time out from our day to day lives to work them through.  

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