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Do Your Belief Systems Serve You Well?

by Ros Kitson

10 13, 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Belief SystemsRight from when we are very small, our belief system is forming.  It's a way for us to keep safe in the world and a way for us to learn how to fit in. It is, however, highly selective.  Our belief system is a kind of memory, but it doesn't hold everything that ever happened - only those things it believes will be useful to us.  If we've burnt ourselves, we will learn that fire or extreme heat is dangerous to us.  We may or may not remember the exact details of the first time we were ever burnt, but we will remember the pain.  If we had joyous birthday parties as a kid, we may learn that birthdays are fun, even if we can't recount the details of every party we had.  If our birthdays were largely ignored, we might dislike them as adults. Our belief systems tend to hold the emotional memories of a situation.  

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