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Are you feeling down?

by Ros Kitson

08 21, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Feeling DownA couple of days ago, I met up with a friend, who was not feeling her normal positive self.  She had a couple of nerve-racking events coming up, but she seemed very flustered generally.  She said she felt heavy and seemed to lack her normal confidence. So I thought I'd write a little article about why this happens and how we can get ourselves out of it. Firstly, I'd like to say that this is a pretty normal reaction to the stresses and strains of every day life.  From time to time we're bound to slip off the positivity plateau that I'm sure all my readers frequent on a regular basis.  Oh, you don't?  Well read on... There's a big difference between falling off this plateau and staying down.  The second state is one which hopefully you can avoid. Our emotional state is one which will always fluctuate.  The word emotion can be broken down into e-motion.  The "e" stands for energy, so emotions are energy in motion.  Hence they are designed to move, ie fluctuate.  There is no problem with feeling anything in life.  The problems come when you get stuck there, as anything which is stuck can't move. The other point to recognise is that this movement is in a vibratory pattern.  How fast or slow these emotions vibrate depends on how positive or negative they are to us.  In simple terms, the closer they are to love or fear - love being the most positive and fear being the most negative.  Try it out for yourself: what order would you put the following: contentment, anger, frustration, bliss? The next thing is what to do about it.  Well there are a few options.   The easiest and quickest is to use your self-talk to boost your emotional vibration.  Your what, I hear you cry?  Your self-talk - the little voice inside your head which, if you're feeling negative, is probably saying ridiculously untrue things like "I'll never do it", "I'm not good enough" and often gets worse and worse as we spiral downwards. For some reason us humans find this state quite sticky.  We can very easily get immersed in such a state, but we do ourselves great harm with negative self-talk. So the obvious solution is to monitor what we're thinking and change it for the opposite.  So if we find ourselves saying "I'll never do it", immediately change this to "I'll easily do it".  You may not believe it straight away, but if you keep replacing the negative statements with positive ones, then you'll soon start to. You only believe the negative ones because you've repeated them so much. This works very well for sudden emotion drops, when they are a temporary state.  For more long term states of low emotion, we often need to do a bit more.  It's still worth replacing your self-talk, but often we find it harder, or the results come more slowly, which can discourage us.  It might be worth interrogating the emotions (gently) to find out where they came from.  We might recognise them as the voice of a parent or teacher from when we were younger and that might be enough for us to disown them and replace them with a new positive voice of our own. If we're still not getting the results we want, chatting to a friend can help.  Remember, it's great to talk to someone who can empathise with the fact you're having a hard time, but not someone who's going to agree with you that life sucks, unless you really want to remain stuck in a low vibration. And if none of this is helping, it might be worth getting some professional help.  I can help you find the root cause of the negative emotions and help you transform them in to positive ones.  There's no need to stay down.  

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Go With the Flow

by Ros Kitson

01 18, 2013 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

It's snowing here. I'm wrapped up in several jumpers and working from home. But I had planned to have a singing lesson, do my shopping and then head over to see my boyfriend in Marlborough. So what to do?  Well, the singing lesson was cancelled, so that decision was out of my hands. I've now been sitting here, listening to the radio and reading Facebook updates, both of which suggest the roads are getting worse.  The advice is very strongly "don't drive unless you have to".  So I'll probably survive without a trip to Sainsburys. That leaves the 3rd trip. Obviously I want to see my boyfriend, but I have to put safety first.  I'll see how conditions progress, but it's not looking good. Now, the point of this article is to talk about how I feel about these changes.  I have options; I could feel stressed and angry.  I could resent the weather for affecting my plans. I could feel hard done by. Or, I could accept the situation and appreciate the beauty of the landscape covered in its blanket of white.  I could make the most of the extra time to get jobs done.  I could go out for a walk and enjoy the surroundings close up. And I can phone my boyfriend. We all have a choice in how we respond to situations we find ourselves in.  And this goes for any situation. We have a choice as to whether we see ourselves as a victim or as someone in control of our lives. So decide how you'd like to respond to the snow, and make the most of the circumstances you find yourself in.

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Oxford Yes Group

by Ros Kitson

04 01, 2008 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

I've recently discovered a social group based in Oxford, called the Oxford Yes Group. It's a bunch of positive thinking people who get together, hold talks, hold socials, and generally network with each other. So far, I've been to one talk and one social - a walk around Whittenham in Oxfordshire, both of which were well worth going to. It's great to find positive people in this world where so many people are bogged down with their woes. It can be so easy to slip into negativity if we're not careful, but negative feelings attract negative situations (from the law of attraction - see previous blog), so it is extremely counter-productive to be in this state. Also, when we're around people, we pick up on their energy, so being around positive people uplifts us and being around negative people can drain us. The more sensitive we are, the more easily we are affected by this. If you are having to go into an environment where you know there wil be negativity, it is a good idea to protect yourself with a golden light around you (just visualise it and it will be there). This will reflect negative energies back with love and light. If we find that we can't get ourselves out of a negative state or we regularly find ourselves falling into one, kinesiology may be the solution. Often old, outdated belief systems block us from being the person we really want to be, and 3-in-1 Concepts Kinesiology can work directly with these beliefs and the emotions that go alongside, to defuse and help us to make the choices we really want. Please see my web site for more details

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