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Love, Not Fear

by Ros Kitson

11 09, 2016 | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Love Not FearI started  writing this blog after the UK referendum back in June, where the result was very close - just over half the people who voted, chose the option to leave the EU.  The initial response to the result was shock by much of the country, followed by anger towards the people who voted differently from themselves. What saddened me then is that our country seemed to have become so divided over the lead up to the referendum.  There was so much anger on both sides against those who had a different opinion. Now 4 months later, that anger is still present.  We've had major division within one of our main political parties over its leadership and now a high court case questioning the legalities of invoking Article 50 which starts the process of leaving the EU.  

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