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Transit of Venus

by Ros Kitson

06 12, 2012 | Posted in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Last week there was a historical Transit of Venus across the face of the sun. These happen in pairs, the last one was in 2004. But now there won't be another one until 2117.  We've also recently had 2 eclipses (they come in 2s too), the second of which was also last week.  It's a huge time for change and new opportunities. Venus in astrology represents love, relationships, the feminine and finance/business, so changes on a personal level and a societal level will reflect these themes. I'm not an expert so I've included a few links for those who want to read more: This one explains the different planetary alignments going on at the moment. This one looks at what has been going on during the previous Transits of Venus and is more focussed on how society as a whole will be affected. On a personal level, I had a strange week.  Events occurred which caused me a lot of stress, probably more then was logical for what happened. But some even better things came out of them.  However I didn't feel great and I'm only just back to feeling normal.  I've been very tired and rather emotional about things.  And I noticed from my friends' statuses on Facebook that I wasn't alone in this. Sometimes, however willing we are to embrace change, it can be difficult to actually take on board. We  have to let the past go, sometimes this can be a challenge in itself.  We can invest a lot of ourselves in our habits and our beliefs. Sometimes, when we say goodbye to our past, there is a grieving process too. Sometimes we struggle to assimilate the new patterns coming into our lives. There can be a period where we feel uncomfortable while we gradually become more familiar with it.  This can make us feel more emotional than normal, or just very tired.  It can make us feel spacey or even nauseous. At the worst, it can make us feel depressed. So be gentle with yourself if you've had any of these symptoms and trust that this is the start of a new more exciting phase in your life. The way I understand this Transit of Venus is that it's about getting rid of the old ways and embracing the new. However the changes won't necessarily be apparent at the moment, but when we look back, that's when we'll realise that it all started here.

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