What is Kinesiology – Part 1 – Introduction

by Ros Kitson

08 22, 2012 | Posted in What is Kinesiology | 0 comments

The question I get asked every time  I say what I do for a living, is “What is kinesiology?”.  So I thought I’d do a series of blog posts to try and address this question.

I say “try” because kinesiology isn’t like any other therapy. I can’t say “it’s like massage” or “it’s like reiki” because it isn’t.  It’s totally unique.  It works on the principle of muscle testing (more on that later) to guide the treatment session.  It then uses a series of corrections (read: mini treatments) to rebalance the energy of the client, which removes the initial stress.
The whole session is done with the client seated across from the therapist or on a massage couch (fully clothed).  I tend to work seated, although some corrections require the client to stand.
The first session includes the initial consultation, where I question the client about their current and previous health and their lifestyle choices.  This gives me an overall picture of the person I’m working with and helps me to understand them and see how things improve as the treatment progresses.  For this reason, we do less kinesiology on the first session.
All sessions include some talking and some kinesiology. The amounts vary according to the client’s needs and  also vary between sessions.
It’s usual for clients to come for 3 sessions initially. Unless you are very used to holistic treatments or healings, it can take a while for the body to understand and respond deeply to a new therapy.  However clients usually notice a difference after the first session.
Sessions last one hour.

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