What is kinesiology – Part 2 – Muscle Testing

by Ros Kitson

08 29, 2012 | Posted in What is Kinesiology | 0 comments

Muscle testing is the main thing which differentiates kinesiology from other therapies.  It is a tool by which we get a biofeedback response from the body as to its current state.

Very simply, the client sticks out an arm or leg and the kinesiologist presses down on it. The client resists with a gentle pressure.  According to what is being tested, the muscle may or may not hold the limb in place. This is not to do with strength, in fact the pressure used is very light.  It is to do with the integrity of the muscle in relation to the question being asked.

Any stress will cause the muscle integrity to reduce.  Stress is something that affects the whole body, and extreme stress can produce a noticeable muscle weakness.  It’s one of the reasons why we often ask people to sit down before imparting bad news. By asking various questions or getting the client to say statements, we can see which ones cause stress and which ones cause strength.

You may wonder why we don’t just ask, and this is to get a truer response than either the client or therapist could get by just guessing.  We often think we know everything about ourselves, but often we are only tapping into our conscious mind.  Underneath that is the subconscious which can hold a whole different story, and holds our unresolved past. The muscle test taps into both and I always find it amazing what insights come up.

Muscle testing is a gentle and safe way to guide a kinesiology session.  As it is tapping into the client’s own knowledge, so they are in charge of the session.  Therefore it will only go as deep as the client is prepared to go and so the treatment will progress at a pace which the client is comfortable with.  It also means that the therapist can’t project their own values and beliefs onto the client.

If you are interested in finding out more about this, I am doing a free talk at the Wellbeing Centre on Saturday 22nd September at 12pm, where there will be a demonstration of muscle testing.  Please feel free to drop by, no need to book.


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